Need for Speed World

A Free Online Multiplayer Racing Game

Need for Speed World - Introduction

Need for Speed World, a fun game made for the millions of Need for Speed fans worldwide. Delve into a world of racing and excitement as you challenge yourself against other drivers worldwide. Start yourself with one of the multiple exotic rides featured in the game, and start racing right away in your new ride. Experience high-speed street racing at its finest in the extremely large city map in-game, spanning across 6 different large-sized cities, you'll never be out of driving space. As you race, you will level up, which can be useful because it allows you to reach new and exciting items in the game, ranging from performance parts to new vinyls to design your car. Also, you can edit and customize your car to however you like it. Color, Vinyls, and Aftermarket parts allow you to make your car into the perfect car that fits your desires to the fullest extent.

Need for Speed World - The World Map

Said to be the largest free-roaming map in Need for Speed History, no one can miss out on an opportunity such as this. Countless ways to drive, and a extreme number of crossing roads, highways, back-alleys, and parking lots, and even a college campus! (DON'T ATTEMPT IN REAL LIFE.) Never miss out on driving to the fullest extent ever again.
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Need for Speed World - Cars & Customization

Behold the very pinnacle of Need for Speed World: the cars. Show off your designing skills as you boast your perfectly designed car, which was designed by none other than you. Let other drivers envy your amazing talents as a car designer by creating the ultimate designs that fit to your tastes, or pick out a pre-made car that comes with a specific design.

Need for Speed World - The Races

Partake in only a vast selection of different races designed by the creators of Need for Speed World, as you challenge yourself to finish the race as fast as possible with your ride. There are races specifically designed for certain cars, so not all of them are available to your single car you are driving.

Need for Speed World - Pursuits

Think you're tough enough to escape the Palmont Police Department? Take on one of the pursuit event options. There is one in each of the cities in Need for Speed World. These police officers will stop at nothing to end your racing career. Don't let them catch you if you think you can break their laws and get away with it. It takes a real fool to enter these unprepared...
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