Luce Road Family Update

August 26, 2022

Week 1

This has been a great first week of school! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your students and am so excited to be on this journey with all of you this year.

This is the first regular update that you will receive from me. This will be where all general building and district communications will be shared with you. Please let me know if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Online Enrollment

Please check your parent portal through PowerSchool to ensure that you have completed all of the Luce Road forms (emergency contact, media release, transportation, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Thank you!

Behavior Expectations


ROARS stands for Respect Others, Act Responsibly, and be Safe. These are district-wide behavior expectations that all staff members are referencing as they teach classroom and building procedures and routines.
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Volume Levels

Volume levels are being taught and re-enforced in classrooms and buildings with K-5 students. This is a way for students to be mindful of their voice volume when interacting with others throughout the school day.
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Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures

Thank you for being flexible with us as we are working to improve our afternoon pick-up procedure so everyone is able to get through quickly and safely.

If you regularly pick-up your student(s) after school, you will receive a copy of a car on a color piece of paper. You can place this in your dashboard when picking up your student(s) so the adults outside can quickly identify where your child is at.

All Kindergarten and 1st grade students will exit the front of the building in 4 groups based on the first initial of their last name:

  • A-F: green (Mrs. Hamad)
  • G-L: orange (Ms. Bauder)
  • M-R: blue/teal (Mrs. Miller)
  • S-Z: purple (Mrs. Hancock)

There are also posts placed in the pick-up circle to indicate where these groups will be at.

When parking and walking up to the building, please cross on the south side of building and stand on the sidewalk there. Once your student's group has exited the building, you can walk up to the adult with that group to sign-out your student(s). Please do not gather in front of the car pick-up lane, this makes it very difficult for the students to safely enter their vehicles as they arrive.

When their is a change to your chid's regular pick-up schedule, please call the office by 2:00pm so we can ensure that there is ample time to inform your student's teacher.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Birthday Treats

Birthday celebrations are very special and exciting for students and we welcome you to bring something in to celebrate with your student's class. Our district policy is for healthy snacks in school. We encourage healthy snacks or an alternative, such as, pencils or erasers for each student.
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