Pambato Reef

Located in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Life in the Reef

Pambato reef is home to over 800 different kinds of animals and over, some of the 800 are seahorses, starfish, ghost pipes, dugongs (sea cows), and three kinds of endangered turtles. The reef is also contains over 400 different kinds of coral.


Plane ticket from Dallas is $1,808- $1,922 USD

Admission to get onto the island is 100-150 Philippine Pesos which is $2.12-$3.17 USD.

Cost for a private hut is 400-500 Philippine Pesos equalling $8.46-$10.58.

High end hotels cost around 5000 PP translating to $105.78.

Tours are between 1600-1700 PP equalling $33.85-$35.96.


  • Bahay Kalipay Raw Food & Yoga Retreat House is a fun place for you and the family to go and enjoy some nice relaxing food after checking out the reef.
  • Ka Joels Inato is a local place with delicious food and a good feel to it.
  • KaLui Restaurant provides amazing food, great staff, and a good ambience.


Do not take any unessential traveling to Sulu Archipelago, since there has be a recent increase in kidnapping there.


One thing that many tourist like to do is that is island hopping. You are take from island to island to get the best feel for the Philippines.