did containg Communism work?


Containing communism didn't work at all government were corrupt or crush by us. So when this happen, lots of people were starving to death some actually died by this or just war it's self. Some hope that their families and friends would come back, but never did.

Now the wars were the worst.

Korea south , north and America Wait what?

There was a war, in Korea fought over if they should communist or democratic government. We fought to end communism from spreading though it was a horrible war. Korea was split into two. North was communist and south was democratic.

Vietnam war and America help.

Vietnam war is one of the worst war America fought. Many people or soldiers were hurt or killed. People in America thought we shouldn't get involved. But the government were so scared of communism having a domino effect world wide so government thought that containing it was the right thing or course of action to take. In the end of the war we lost people good soldier's and we lost the war.

so did containg communism work?

No because other government s almost fall into distruction countries, people,children died because of us trying to make things the way we thought was right and what do we have now still communism exist in the world today