Ultraviolet Waves

By Kya Dawson

What is Ultraviolet Radiation?

Ultraviolet waves come mainly from the sun. When around too much ultraviolet radiation you can get sunburn or even skin cancer. The frequency range is 1015 - 1017 Hz, and the wavelength range is 400nm - 1nm.

Uses of Ultraviolet Waves

Ultraviolet radiation

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This new technology has a UV ray sensor on the back for all the beach-goers. In order to measure conditions it will need to maintain a 60 degree or more temperature, with its back to the sun. If this device does what it says it will, it will defiantly decrease the amount of sunburn and skin cancer victims. This spectacular device became available October 17, 2014, thanks to the amazing group who created it, Samsung Electronics Co.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Article

In this article, it takes about the basic features of the Note 4. The camera has improved, but not the size of the device. By the comments and other reviews, the Note 4 is all of what it is said to be!
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