Francois & Jean- Claude Duvalier

Former leaders of Haiti

Essential Question

Why did this father son trio change the political style form president to dictator, while in office?


Francois Duvalier was born on April 14, 1907 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti He spent his whole life in Haiti and went to college at the University of Haiti in 1934 with a degree in Medicine. He served as a hospital physician until 1943, when began to get interested in the U.S. sponsored anti- yaws campaign. In 1946, Francois was appointed the director of Public Health and started the anti-yaws campaign in Haiti, making him a visible to the public eye. After several presidents being over thrown, Francois was became president in September of 1957. Even though he was labeled as president, he became and acted like a dictator. He He felt threatened by several people, and due to that, he changed to a dictator. He began brutal killings and kidnappings to people who thought would threaten him as a leader He became paranoid and prone to anger. In 1971, Francois suffered a heart attack and passed away, where his son took over as president.

Jean- Claude Duvalier was born on July 3, 1951 in Port-au Prince, Haiti. He graduated from the University of Haiti. When jean- Claude's father, Francois, died unexpectedly in 1971, he took over as the new president of Haiti at the age of 19, making him the youngest president in the world. He was labeled as a president but began to rule this country as a dictator. He felt the same threat his father felt during his time in office and wanted to have complete control over the country. He sent mass killings to anyone he thought would threaten him as a ruler and made sure he would be the only leader until he died. He ultimately only reigned for 15 years, until 1986, and passed away in 2014.

Letter from Jean-Claude

Dear citizens,

It is with my deepest regards that I must inform you that our current leader, Francois Duvalier, has passed away of a heart attack. With this unexpected death, we were definitly taken off guard. But are able to get a new president to take over Haiti and that is me, Jean- Claude Duvalier, the son of Francois Duvalier. I am excited to be taking on this new role as president. As president, I promise to make you proud to be in Haiti. We will work together to make this country more developed and functioning, as well as keep the traditions and customs my father set before he passed away. This country will be better then you have ever seen it. We will make changes that will better the citizens, as well as help the higher class. We will grow as a country and community. Over my years in power, there will be noticable changes,


Jean-Claude Duvalier.

Jean-Claude Duvalier's impact on Haiti

Jean-Claude Duvalier, after passing, is being carried away. The citizens all gather around to witness the casket being carried away
Haiti | Funérailles de l'ancien président Jean Claude Duvalier ce Samedi 11 octobre 2014 #Palecho