A Versatile Machine

Caeden W P-8

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Cruising over the landscape,the helicopter begins to land near the wounded solider. Once the solider is on board the helicopter flies back to base. Helicopters can do a of different jobs. A helicopter is an interesting and versatile piece of machinery.

Helicopters have many different and specific role in the armed forces. Some are specifically designed to be search and rescue helicopters.Others are equipped with machine guns and missiles. These helicopters provide ground support for troops.

Many people do not know how the military names its helicopters. At first I thought they picked the names at random, but after my research I found out that the military names many of its attack helicopters after native american warriors. they do this as a sign of respect. An example is the helicopter named the Apache gunship. It is one of the best attack helicopters there are. The military called it the Apache because in many ways it was just like the native American warrior.

Aside from gunning down bad guys and rescuing soldiers, helicopters have many jobs outside of the military. Some helicopters work for news channels. They go where vehicles are unable to go. Others race towards criminals to track them down either with radar or with spotlights. Police love having ''eyes in the sky". Once again helicopters can go where no officer can. I would have never had though that fire men use helicopters too. They use helicopters to fly over forest fires and then they dump a ton of water on the burning trees.

After learning all of this information I have concluded that time and time again the helicopter has proven to be one of the most versatile and interesting machines there are.



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