Jonah Kotkin's Poetry Flyer

The One Mistake Made

As the sun set,

In the late evening of the day,

I looked to my left,

And it left me in debt.

I saw children,

All three of them clad in their clothes,

Running along happy,

For the event was hidden.

As they walked along,

The white line of the road,

They seemed to be playing games,

Not doing anything wrong.

But to their surprise,

As all must do in time,

Something terrible happened,

All I could hear were cries.

After a smash and a boom,

They were all on the road,

Bleeding and broken,

Building themselves a tomb.

I saw some bright lights,

Which seemed to not care,

For what it had just done,

Some terrible sights.

A vehicle in the dust,

A truck to be exact,

Covered in blood,

All over the rust.

A man jumped from his car,

Expecting to see a deer,

But instead three little kids,

Left him a scar.

The brown hair of the two girls,

Ripped from their skulls,

All that was left,

Were the leftover curls.

The boy of blonde,

Laid there as well,

I wasn’t able to tell,

If he was able to respond.

The cops were called,

As they always are,

But no chance for these kids,

Their mothers bawled.

They tested the killer,

And found out the cause,

For he had been drinking,

Which was not a big thriller.

The one thing to learn,

From this despair that I’ve felt,

Don’t take anything for granted,

For it could all just burn.


Haikus make no sense.

For example, this one does.


Ping Pong

Nothing like it seems
Great way to spend your day

Never a moment of downtime
Generally very addicting and fun

My favorite poem: Chord by Stuart Dybek

A man steps out of sunlight,

sunlight that streams like grace,

still gaping at blue sky

staked across the emptiness of space,

into a history where shadows

assume a human face.

A man slips into silence

that began as a cry,

still trailing music

although reduced to the sigh

of an accordion

as it folds into its case.

~ Stuart Dybek