Thanksgiving Performance

First Grade - Mrs. Lyons' Class Project

Hello Parents!

I sent home new lines with your child today for our Thanksgiving play. This play is the original one that I wanted to use, but could not find until yesterday.
It contains greater detail and facts and I like it better.

Please help your child learn ONLY the highlighted portion of the card he/she was given.

Feel free to take a photo of the card just in case it is misplaced or you would like to practice on the go!

You do NOT need the old card if you still have it. You can throw away!

I will be sending home letters tomorrow telling you if your child will be a pilgrim or an indian.

Your child will need a costume for the performace on November 19th.

You can make costumes with paper or cloth. Creativity is up to you! Just have the costume ready before November 19th. Props are welcome if fitting to your part. (basket of corn, etc.)

This play is a class project grade. Students must be able to recite his/her line clearly without the use of the card. He/she must be in costume for the performance.

Pinterest is a great place to find ideas!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

2 weeks will be here soon! Practice as much as needed!


Jessica Lyons