National Oil Saving Production


The U.S. has been the largest oil producers in the world. However, over time our population as increased, along with our oil needs, so since our population increased dramatically our need for oil has increased and not enough oil is getting produced to fill our needs. Since half of the worlds oil perserves are located in the Middle East we depend more and more on their oil. However, the Middle East doesn't have the most stable goverment so its hard to get oil from them. Here is a step by step plan that will hopefully fix our oil needs and the Middle East.

Step One.

For Step one I plan to fix the American government by getting the Democrats and Republicans to stop fighting and start agreeing so we can get one step closer to a better government.

Step Two

For step two I plan to get the U.S. govenment out of the economic deficit. The U.S. is 17 trillion dollars in debt. To go into detail about my plan here are some ideas. We put a strain on U.S. affairs. Also get rid of unnecessary funding such as promoting videogames and reality t.v. shows. We can't help other countries if we can't help our own country.

Step Three

For step three I plan on helping Saudia Arabia with economic and political problems. I plan on making their govenment stable and their economy stable. That way if their government is better then it will be easier for them to supply us will oil.

Step Four

For step four I plan on making a treaty with Saudia Arabia. Making a treaty is important because Saudia Arabia is one of the most stable country in the Middle East. If we have peace with Saudia Arabia and help them then it will ensure us of oil supply. From the treaty eveyone will gain something, Saudia Arabia will gain a better government and a new ally. For the U.S. we will gain oil supply.

Step Five

For step five I plan to resolve the economic and political crisist among the Middle East. After the treaty with Saudia Arabia the U.S. will still need back up oil producers just in case something was to happen. So if we will help the Middle East with their problems and handle their needs then we will also be ensured to the reast of the Middle Eastern oil.

Written Statement

Let me tell you what N.O.S.P is. N.O.S.P stands for National Oil Saving Production. What N.O.S.P does is we help make the United States a better place. We come up with plans on how to fix problems that the U.S. has, and right now the big problem is the U.S. just doesn't have enough oil to go around. That's a big problem because many people in the U.S. are struggling because of the lack of oil being produced. So we have come up with a five step plan to hopefully get the U.S. out of this messy situation. Here is a step by step plan explained in detail. Firstly we should fix our govenment by starting with the Democrats and Republicans. We will get them to stop fighting and start agreeing on things that way we will be able to take a step foward in a better govenment. Secondly will get our govenment out of debt. Since the U.S. is in a 17 trillion deficit if we cut unnecessary funds such as reality t.v. shows and the promotion of videogames then we will start getting better. Thirdly we would like to help Saudia Arabia with their economic and political problems. That way it will be easier to get oil from them. Fourthly we would like to make a peace treaty with Saudia Arabia since it is the most stable Middle Eastern country. Making a treaty with them will ensure the U.S. with a supply of oil. Lastly, after helping Saudia Arabia we will help resolve some of the problems of the rest of the Middle East that way we will have multipul oil producers. From the five step plan both the Middle East and the U.S. will have gained a new ally and a better govenment.