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Why Math Tools?!

Abstract concepts are essential to understanding and doing mathematics. They are also a source of difficulty for students who struggle with mathematics, many of whom find even basic mathematics concepts hard to understand. Teachers often use manipulatives to concretely represent these abstract concepts and help their students understand them. Manipulatives can also be used to help students link these concepts with prior knowledge. Using manipulatives in mathematics instruction can help you to address the standards, particularly the standards related to making sense of problems and abstract reasoning.

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I need ideas!

Browse the following resources for many ideas on how to use each of the math tool apps across grade levels

Below is linked a Google slideshow document that shows various ways to use each app. Check out the slideshow for many great ideas!

Also, check out my Math Apps youtube playlist. Here you can find a variety of short video explanations of the apps as well as different lesson ideas.

What Else?

Free Protractor

Protractors are always a hard skill for students to master. The great app lets students use a virtual protractor to measure angles. The angle can be set by touching the pointer directly or by entering the angle on the keypad. There is also a lock function to avoid accidental movement of the pointer when taking readings.

Other Math Tools...

U protractor allows you to measure the angle of anything you can take a picture of...great for real life application!

Calculator HD Free allows for a very basic calculator--great for primary aged students who don't need all the bells and whistles (and distractions) of a more advanced calculator. Hold the iPad in portrait mode to see the simple calculator.

Schoolkit Math offers many virtual manipulatives including a 100s Chart, money, Fraction Kit, number houses, etc.


Please know that support is all around you...I would be happy to answer any questions for you or work with you to plan a project for your kids. Or check with teammates to see if they can answer your questions. The more we work together, the further we'll get!

Use the information button at the bottom of the screen to see helpful information about how each app works.

You can also access their website which includes further contact infomation!

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