Understanding Energy Medicine:

The Revolution is Now

The Graduate Institute

September 5-6, 2014

"God would not make a design like the body without a self-healing mechanism."

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Osteopaths believe that the journey toward healing occurs when the individual explores life from within and seeks to clear that which is keeping the body from flourishing. Holistic healing embodies the mind, body, and spirit, and treatment is based on this understanding. Osteopathy does not use a variety of cures to destroy the disease, rather it uses the healing energy of the individual to bring about homeostasis. Osteopaths don't attempt to break the body down into segments in order to treat a particular symptom. Through their developed sensory perception, osteopaths can approach healing by working with the patient and the energy within.

"Being present with the Health in the patient and the story as it unfolds into its own answer."

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Dr. Perretz has developed his own style to initiate EFT. By connecting the individual with the underlying cause of illness, Dr. Perretz uses his hands to diagnose and heal. He is able to help release the negative energy and bring the body to a free and balanced state. He demonstrated how to access the condition of the Qi by connecting with the patient's positive and negative response to questions related to the 5 organs. Once the issue is determined and the emotional trauma is brought from the subconscious to the conscious, the individual affirms a new reality. While stating an affirmation, Dr. Perretz taps specific points freeing the body toward healing.

"Bring the emotion from the subconscious to the conscious and affirm a new reality."

Perry Perretz, DO

Influencing the Flow of Energy

There are naturally occurring vortices that run along the curvatures of the body at the chakras where energy can be influenced. As Dr. Perretz uses holistic treatments such as EFT, he helps his patients unblock congested energy and bring the body into balance. As this Qi flows it create shifts where needed within the systems of the body. It is through these shifts that the body is restored.
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