Girl Stolen

Molly Johnson


16 year old Cheyenne Wilder is in the back seat of her step moms car sleeping while her mom is picking up her pescription. She hears the car door open then close but things dont seem right. Cheyenne soon realizes its not her step mom Danielle, its someone taking the car and also taking her! She cant see who is taking her because she is blind. Cheyenne soon learns that her kidnapper is 16 year old Griffin, he was just trying to take the car not her. He takes her back to his house and ties her to his bed. Roy, Griffins mean dad soon learns Cheyennes dad is the president of Nike and wants 5 million dollars for Cheyenne, but then lowers it down to 1 million dollars. When Griffin is sleeping she cuts the rope with a peice of glass she found and finds a rench and hits in Griffin the head with it and escapes into the woods where she is soon found and rescued.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

Even though Cheyenne is blind she can do almost anything everyone else can do. She puts her mind to it and she does it.

Cheyenne and Griffin

Cheyenne is a 16 year old girl but she is also blind. She is brave and never gives up, she attemted to escape but she got caught then she attemted again and escaped. She has brown hair and olive skin. She is very nice and kind. Griffin is also 16. He is a nice boy and tries to help Cheyenne escape at the end of the book. He is very kind to Cheyenne and protects her from his dad and his dads workers/friends TJ and Jimbo.


The setting at the beginng of the book is inside Cheyennes step moms car. Then the rest of the time its at Griffins house and in the woods. There is nobody in sight and theres miles of woods.

Conflict and Resoution

The conflict is that Cheyenne got kidnapped and she is sared but also cant escape. She is blind so that makes everything more difficult. She has learned how to listen to the things around her more carefully. She also escapes from the house with some help from Griffin. After having to fight off Roy, Griffins dad she is found by police and taken home to her dad and step mom.

About April Henry.

April grew up in Portland Oregon. When she was only 12 years old she wrote a book about a frog who loved peanut butter and sent in to Roald Dahl who wrote charlie and the factory, he loved the book and published it and thats how her being a writer all started. She went to Oregon State University for college and got a businses degree. She eventually got a job in hospital administry. She then tried writting a book.
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