Treaty of Waitangi

Issues that were caused

Problems with the english versions

Though the English were the ones that created the treaty, problems arrosed on their half because of it. In the first article, they used the word sovereignty which meant that the british crown would have main authority not the chiefs though once tyranslated, the maoris thought otherwise so they did not obey to this. Also, the English didn't know the proper meaning of Taonga so once again the English did not get the control over land that they desired for the second article. Also, in the third article, the purpose wad to bring law and ways from britan though that did not come across. All problems that came about for the british was that they did not get what they wanted as it did not translate properly.

Problems with the maori versions of the treaty

The maori version of the treaty causes many problems as their is only one maori version compared to the five engkish. The missionaries whose job is was to translate the treaty into maori did not use words that thr maori were awear of instead they used 'missionary maori words' which were wordsd the missionaries made up to fit their needs. An example of thisis Kawanatanga which meant governorship, the chiefs still keep their land, instead of sovereignty on the English version. This meant that the mori version did not match up with the English version. The maori also assumed that they would keep the right to rule and make decisions affecting their taong (possessions). Also they thought that the whole point of the tteaty was to settle conflicts and behaviour of the british settlers but that was not the purpose.