Alpine Biome

Carlton Johnson

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Location of the Alpine biome

The Alpine biome is found wherever their is a mountain region. At the high mountain altitudes the Alpine rests just below the snowy tops.

Climate of the Alpine

The Alpine biome has one of the coldest climates in the world due to it's high altitude. the climate is cold and dry All Year LONG. the plants found in this biome have only a specific 180 days to live and grow before being killed by the cold weather this biome brings. which stinks to the herbivores living here.

Plants of the Alpine

Their are many beautiful flowers and plants in the Alpine, including Alpine Phacelia, Pygmy Bitterroot, and Bristlecone pines. All these plants are adapted to the harsh cold environments even if they do only get 180 days of growing time. just goes to show how hard a plant will work to live virtually anywhere.

Animals of the Alpine

As par with the extremely cold climate, most animals prefer fur coats over bare skin. Most of the animals that populate these areas are herbivores, but since we must have a balanced ecosystem, their is a couple of carnivores thrown in there to. A couple of the species found here are endangered, such as snow leopards and yaks. Some of the creatures are just weird, like alpacas.
Alpine biome


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