White Tailed Deer

by: Allyson Johnston

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white tailed deer live in many places. Many live in forests but they can also live in other places including Europe, Asia, North america, swamps, dessert, tundras. they live in places where there is at least some plant


white tailed deer are herbivores. they eat only plants including grass, twigs, bark and leafs.

they go through a process for there digestion. ( this might be a bit disgusting)

1. they chew and swallow there food

2. they bring the food back up to the mouth

3. they swallow it again


white tailed deer are beautiful. they have long ears that help them hear. they have parts of there body that are white including the chest, throat,and the rear. they have long slender legs and a short tail. males grow antlers. some females grow antlers but not always.


sometimes they can have warning coloration. they can blend into the trees and dead grass. there antlers can look like branches of a tree

Interesting fact

baby have spots on there back but when they grow up, the spots fade away.