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August 2021 Update

August 2021 BCS Update

Happy August VIKING NATION!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer before school starts. As a reminder, the new school year will start on Monday August 23. I am excited to see all of our students soon!!

Some of the information provided below could be repeat/updated information but again, please be mindful that Some of this information could be subject to change. As always, information changes rapidly and we will continue to do our best to keep up with everything that we can.

Delayed Start Fridays

Starting this school year on Friday August 27, Bronson Community Schools will delay the start of school by around half an hour. The purpose of this is to allow our teachers to work more collaboratively within PLC groups to better serve out students. The important piece for you to know is that all bussing will be delayed by 15 minutes on Fridays. This will only happen on Fridays. There will be exceptions on Fridays with half days but we will speak more on that when it happens. We will be sending out reminders over the first month so that no one forgets. Again, bussing and building opening times will be delayed by 15 minutes for all full day Fridays throughout the school year. For more information, please contact your child's building.


Our official stance on masks is this:

"We recommend those who are not vaccinated wear a mask, but masks will not be required to be worn at Bronson Community Schools at this time"

Please know that masks are always welcome to be worn by any individual who feels they want to wear one and will not be discouraged in any way.

Mask on Buses

At this time, the CDC has issued a mandate that masks must be worn on all conveyances. School buses are considered a conveyance therefore we have no option and will comply with this order. Language from the CDC is below

All passengers on public conveyances (e.g., airplanes, ships*, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis, ride-shares) traveling into, within, or out of the United States (including U.S. territories) as well as conveyance operators (e.g., crew, drivers, conductors, and other workers involved in the operation of conveyances), regardless of their vaccination status, are required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth.

Contact Tracing and Quarantine

BCS as well as all schools in the state of Michigan, are legally required to aid in the process of contact tracing in conjunction with the local health department. In the event where there is a positive case in the school, staff members will work collaboratively to provide a 'close contact' list to the health department so they can make determinations on whether a student will need to be quarantined and for how long. The current local quarantine rules are as follows;

-If there is universal masking, those within 3' of a confirmed case must quarantine

-If there is not universal masking, those who are within 6' of a confirmed case must quarantine

-Vaccinated individuals are exempt from being quarantined

*Be reminded that close contact is considered to be within 6' for 15+ minutes in a 24 hour period.

We have had numerous conversations in the district about distancing our students the best that we can and we have altered classroom settings and locations to create a more safe environment. Trust me when we say we do not like healthy students being quarantined but this is where we are as a county at this time. BCS will also be diligent in their cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

BCS Learning Model

At this time all learning for Bronson Community Schools will return to a 100% face to face format. This is a direct reflection of our belief that students learn better when they are in the classroom.

Athlete Testing

As stated previously, at this time our athletes will not have to be tested in order to participate. I also want to mention that should this change and the MHSAA requires us to test our athletes in order to compete, we will comply with that order.

Vaccination Clinic

We are working within the county to try to set up mobile vaccination clinics across the county. More details will go out as information becomes available.

Screening and keeping Sick Kids Home

We would like to ask all of our parents to please continue screening your children at home before they come to school. We also ask that if they are having symptoms or they are sick, please keep them home. We know and understand that sometimes this is very difficult but it will aid in the mitigation of getting other students sick no matter what type of illness they may have.

Offices Open

The building offices of Anderson, Ryan, and the Jr/Sr High School are now officially open. Should you have any questions, please call your child's building directly to get information, anyone there will be happy to help you.

Bronson Schools Phone Numbers

Oftentimes, calls are placed to the incorrect numbers and are having to be transferred throughout the district. We want to put these numbers out there for everyone so you are aware of what number should be used to call which building. When you have questions, please call your child's building first so that we can work with you more efficiently. Those numbers are as follows.

Anderson Elementary 517-369-3234

Ryan Elementary 517-369-3254

Bronson Jr Sr. High School 517-369-3230

MS/HS Attendance 517-369-3231

Central Office 517-369-3260

Communication By Design

Almost all of the BCS teaching and administrative staff took part in PD with Communication By Design last week and we have a great group of teachers who are also working with the company this week in Grand Rapids. The team that is in Grand Rapids this week is called our Research and Development Team and we are excited to see what they bring back to our district. Again, our commitment to Communication By Design is for three years in an attempt to create and maintain a consistent vision for instruction across the district.

Board Of Education Meeting Notes from August 2, 2021

Good News

-Our technology Director, Baretta Duty, wrote a grant and for those efforts, BCS will be receiving 20 more mobile hotspots from the Kajeet Company. The hot spots will be used to assist those families in need of a more reliable internet connection.

Action Items

Accepted resignation of Rebecca Kinney

Accepted resignation of Heather Weston

Approved hiring of Elementary teacher Teresa Kilburn

Approved hiring of Jr/Sr High teacher Anthony Easterday

Approved hiring of Jr/Sr High teacher Nick Burnham

Approved hiring of Elementary counselor Crystal Lafler

Approved hiring of 31N Grant Social Worker Jodi Lytle.

Discussion Items

Building Reports

Principals gave an update on the Professional development that they had and other things going on as they prepare for the first day of school.

Supt’s Report

Update on the Covid-19 regulations were discussed. Explained the partnership with Communications by Designs, and gave a special shout out and thanks to the custodial and maintenance staff for getting the new lockers installed and the work they have been doing all summer.

Next Meeting: September 13, 2021 beginning at 6:30 in the BHS Library.

We are very excited to get the new school year rolling and can't wait to have our students back walking the hallways. Where we all understand that we face many uncertainties going into the school year, we are beyond pleased that as of right now we are able to start the school year on time and under some different parameters than what we faced last year. Is the situation perfect yet, no, but we are getting closer to normalcy and we will continue to do so as we move forward. As always, be prepared for sudden changes should they occur and know that everyone at BCS will be doing everything that can to have a more than productive school year. Fire up Viking Nation, it's almost time!!

Steve Wilson


Bronson Community Schools