Graduation Party

By: Tiffany Ngo

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Drinks: Country Time Lemonade 8 Qt - $2.50 (Serves 30)

I chose the lemonade because it is good for your kidney stones.

Sides: Baked Mac and Cheese (Serves 8) $5.46 and Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (7 servings) $3.12

I chose Mac & Cheese and Stuffed Sweet Potatoes as the sides because mac and cheese is a favorite of a lot of people and sweet potatoes do not cause blood sugar spikes.

Main dishes: Baked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze (12 servings) $31.43

I chose Baked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze because it has a good amount of protein for you.

Dessert: Southern Red Velvet Cake (8 servings) $5.34

I chose the Southern Red Velvet Cake because cake can make you happy.

Total: $168.89

Total (with tax): $180.71

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Extra Items:

Red Solo cups 30 ct- $3.48

Bag of Ice 20 oz- $3.99

Napkins 100 ct- $1.98

Plastic Silverware of spoons, fork, & knives- $0.99

Graduation Cake, 20 slices- $12.88

Total: $39.68

Total (with tax): $42.46

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