Drew Levinson

My Opinion

I believe that parents should vaccinate their kids for several reasons. One is the safety of the public and that just because of one parent or child many people catch the virus. Another is that some parents don't want to vaccinate their kids because they believe in fake stories about how getting vaccinated causes autism and because of these fake stories lots of lives are at risk.


  • Getting vaccinated helps the people who can't get vaccinated because of health or religious reasons, and the ones who vaccines don't work in.
  • Because of some people who believe some stories about vaccines causing autism everyone around them is at risk and the stories don't even have any evidence to support them.
  • Because of the low vaccination rates there were almost 8,000 cases of whooping cough in 2014 and more than 250 patients were hospitalized and 58 required intensive care.
  • Before 1963, when the measles vaccine came available for use to the public here in the United States, there were more than 500,000 reported measles cases every year and an average of 932 deaths a year. After that though that number dropped to 86 measle cases by 2000 with no deaths.
  • An example why parents should vaccinate their kids is that since December 2014 a measles outbreak was traced to Disney Land Theme Park and infected nearly 70 people because measles has a 90% attack rate or chance of giving it to other people.
  • Another example why kids should be vaccinated is that 14% of kindergartners in the Santa Monica-Malibu school district weren't vaccinated and this is way above the level that is considered safe.


  • Some studies say that vaccines such as the measles vaccine can cause autism.
  • Parents opt out of getting their kids vaccinated for religious, philosophical, or health related reasons.
  • When you vaccinate children you are putting a small part of the virus inside of their body and so therefor the child has a small chance of getting the disease or virus.
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Getting vaccinated is good and bad and I am going to share why. On the good side you have a much greater chance of not getting the virus than if you didn't get the vaccine. Also, if you get vaccinated than the people who can't get it, won't get it, or it won't work for them will be better protected. On the downside you have a small chance of getting the virus and some people think that getting vaccinated might cause autism. So those are the pros and cons about getting vaccinated.
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