The Revolutionaries


Historical Pathways to the American Dream

Questions regarding the Revolutionaries

1 ) What was their view on god?

  • The Revolutionaries believed in god and attempted to try to live their lives in accordance with the bible. How ever they believed god only helped those who helped themselves.

2 ) What are their values?

  • Their values were based on their own beliefs along with their achievements and potentials.

3 ) How do they define truth?

  • They believe that you should never tell a lie.

4 ) Do they have an optimistic or pessimistic view of life?

  • From the book sayings of Poor Richard by Benjamin Franklin “A small leak will sink a great ship” shows that the revolutionaries can be considered as pessimistic people.

5 ) What are their views of work and worldly success?

  • They viewed work as a privilege. They had to work hard enough to get paid well. Their view of worldly was, they thought man was created to work and have a family they could support.

6 ) What is their view of society

  • They believed that a society had to work together to become better so they could surrender themselves to liberty.

7 ) Who is their authority?

  • The authority were the people that believed in freedom and had great leadership. They inspired others to be better people.

8 ) What is their view of education?

  • They believed in teaching others about self- reliance. You must be a good person and not be ignorant, if you are it will kill you.

9 ) Do they view man as inherently good, evil, or something in between?

  • They view man as inherently good, because they can strive and try very hard to reach moral perfection. Although it is thought to be impossible to reach it. It is the attempt for perfection that makes many unique and trying to achieve something so unreachable and distant as perfection makes them generally good.

Do you believe in moral perfection?


  • The Highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence, as in some art.


  • A person’s standards of behavior or belief concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.

Do you believe in moral perfection?

  • I believe that it is not possible for a person to achieve moral perfection. I believe that one of the things that make us human is our imperfections. Nature isn't perfect neither are humans. An example of this is our human body. We as humans have powerful brains but some people don’t care to use them. But when they do they are so concerned/ thinking about the wrong things. People are so worried about what the next person is doing whether its good or bad. We are made to find love and reproduce. But how can we do that if people are so concerned on seeing other people fail?

Moral Perfection

Five sayings from "Saying Poor Richard," rewritten

“Love your neighbor ; Yet don’t pull down your hedge”

Be kind to people, But don’t let yourself be taken for granted.

“Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead”

If you want something truly keep a secret, dont tell anyone alive.

“He is that the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money”

If you believe that money is all you need, people will think that you’ll do anything for it.

“Lost time is never found again”

You cannot regain wasted time

“One day is worth two tomorrows”

Treasure what you have today because tomorrow is not promised.

“Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present Generation to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make good use of it” - Letter to Abigail Adams April 1777

They wanted freedom from Britain. The Revolutionaries wanted to remember that day, to be glad and for it to be spent right. Stand up for what you believe in. Freedom and rights are yours. Its what keeps you going and working. As long as you know everyone has their rights to, its all a blessing.