France country report

By: Ryley Hemphill

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Basic facts

Capital: Paris

Population: 66,553,766

Type of government: Federal, parliamentary democracy


Currency: Euro

Major industry:

  • motor vehicles
  • food processing
Natural resources:

  • butter
  • wine
  • cheese

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France is a country in the continent of Europe. it borders many countries including:

  • Andorra
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Monaco
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
It also borders many bodies of water including:

  • The English channel
  • Bay of Biscay
  • The Mediterranean sea

The climate in France has mostly cool, moist winters and hot, dry summers

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food customs

Crossoint: is a chocolate pastry usually served for breakfast

Baguettes: is a long thin loaf of French bread eaten with every meal

Croque-monsieurs: is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich served in cafes

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holidays and celebrations

Bastille day

World war I armistice day


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Traditional clothing

Berets originated in France. Berets are round, flat caps made of felt or cloth.
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major religions

  • Christian
  • Roman catholic
  • Islamic

favorite pastime


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French language:


goodbye----------------Au Revoir

yes------------------------Oui (wee)

Thank you--------------Merci

How are you?---------Commet allez-vious

My name is Ryley----Mon nom est Ryley

interesting facts

Famous landmarks:

Eiffel tower

arc de triomphe

Major airport:

Paris Charles De Gaulle

Time difference:

6 hours

More interesting facts:

  • When you are eating in france your hands, not elbows, must stay on the table.
  • Women were not allowed to vote until 1944.
  • It is the most visited country in the world.
  • Pets outnumber children in France.
  • The national bird is the gallic rooster.