The Ability to Choose

The Gift of Freedom

God has given us the gift of freedom. Freedom is the ability for people to be able to make decisions for themselves and choose whether to or not to do something. When making decisions some of them can be really beneficial for you or even for other people.

Although people use freedom to benefit themselves and other people, other people have exploited this and have been using the freedom to choose to do bad things or disadvantage other people. Most people make bad decisions because they are under the influence of alcohol or peer pressure.

If someone does make a bad decision though they can learn from it so they dont make the same mistake again, or if it is too serious they will most likely be punished.

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments are a series of rules that God has made for his followers to follow. The Ten Commandments are a great guide for people to follow and guide their decisions and what they choose to do

Below is an example of the Ten Commandments.

The Ten Commandments


Freedom Characterises how a person acts. Freedom helps show someones personality and how they act. It allows people to make decisions for themselves whether they are good or bad and makes people be responsable for their actions.