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Library Checkout Procedures


In Prince William County, school libraries support the educational goals of our school system and serve all students, teachers, and members of the school community. In mission, structure, and practice, they serve as the center of the school’s instructional process. The school library provides opportunities for the use of “real-world” information and technology through access to resources and individual service. Library instruction that is meaningful, relevant, and integrated contributes to student proficiency in basic skills and problem solving. Students using a variety of library resources broaden their understanding and respect for the diversity of individuals and cultures. Because the school library is a shared resource owned and used by every member of the school community, it provides a learning environment that fosters good citizens who function effectively as members of a group and of society.

Destiny - Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) for resources

The Destiny Online Catalog provides total, web-based access to the library collection.

Students should select their base school to locate resources in the collection. Use the form to submit a request to your base school.

Circulation Policies and Procedures

Students must follow the stated circulation policies and procedures as listed below in addition to those of their of base school. (See base school library homepage for additional information).

· Items from the circulating collection may be checked according to base school policy. Plus one additional week for delivery)

· Items may be renewed one (1) additional time pending approval.

· Students may borrow specific number of items (per base school) during a loan period.

· If an item is lost or damaged the borrower is responsible for replacement cost.


Follow the link to access online resources

Up-to-date reports on more than 200 countries, each U.S. state and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Material is presented in an engaging format that users can access anytime, anywhere. Please check with librarian for login information.

FindItVirginia (You will be leaving the PWCS website)

Access to free online resources from your local Virginia Public Library. Search Books, Newspapers, Encyclopedias for all Users.

Prince William County Public Library (You will be leaving the PWCS website)

PWCS Libraries Online Public Access Catalog
Find your student's school and click on the link.

World Book Online Resources
Databases include World Book Kids, Student, and Advanced; Discover; and Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos.

Book Links, Other Reads & Resources

· Cambridge Dictionaries Online Website has English dictionary that translates into over 22 languages.

· IPL2: Information You Can Trust The Internet Public Library is hosted by Drextel University's College of Information with a consortium of other colleges & universities. It contains links to newspapers from all over the U.S. and from cities from different parts of the globe. You can put in search terms to locate research information. The website contains links for teens and kids with informational and fun activities.

· MLA Formatting and Style Guide Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)

· Newspapers from around the world Follow the link. Click on World Book Advanced. Then Click on World Newspapers. To read at home get a database bookmark from the school library circulation desk with the URL and passwords.

· TTEspanol Current events news for teens in Spanish

· TTJunior Current events news - lite

· Current events online newspaper for teens

· Spanish newspapers online Click on the link. Scroll down and select from a selection of Spanish newspapers. (This site includes many other resources for multilingual students and teachers for free as well as for purchase.)

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