Opportunity Cost

Short Story- Madi Williams

What is Opportunity Cost?

Opportunity Cost is what someone would have to sacrifice when they choose one thing over another. Even when you order your drink at a restaurant, you are having to give up a certain drink to drink something else. Just like how I would have to give up a coke for a sweet tea.

Short Story

3, 2, 1, BOOM! The gun goes off and Sofia Rose starts running. She has a strategy that seems to always work. Start slow then give it your all at the end. She knows she needs to forget she is running and think about other things to keep her distracted. She starts to sing in her head, starts to remember past things and think about possible things that could happen, but she knows never will.
As she approaches her second lap, she looks up in the stands and sees her mom on the front row cheering her on!! "It's go time!" Sofia starts to gain speed and moves her legs faster and faster! Right now she is in fifth and is striving to get number one. "C'mon Sofia," she tells herself. As she turns the last corner shes sprinting and counting down as she passes each person. Four, three, two........ one! As she breaks the ribbon, she knows she has just broken her High School record.
When Sofia arrives home, her mom is already there just waiting to congratulate her for qualifying at the High School National Trackmeet. Right after she walks in, everyone looks disturbed. "Whats wrong?" says Sofia. "Sit down real quick. We need to talk." says her mom. As she sits down, she is very anxious for what she is about to hear. "I had a doctors appointment today and they found advanced cancer in my lungs. I'm going to have to start chemo next week."
Now Sofia realizes that the next couple weeks wont be so smooth. Its a week till Nationals, and she is still faced with the big decision of going and possibly winning or having to leave her mom for an entire week. This would also be the first meet her mom wouldn't be able to attend and her last High School meet. When she gets home from the school the next day, her mom has new news for her. She lets Sofia know that chemo hasn't been going so great and the doctors are making her stay in the hospital to see what is going on.
Her mom later finds out that the cancer has quickly spread to the brain and the days are counting down very quickly. Sofia then realizes that in the next week, she wouldn't have a mom anymore. The mom that was always there cheering her on at every meet, would be completely out of her life. As she stops and thinks about nationals, she knows she would be leaving the day of her moms last. "How did all of this happen so quickly," she thought.
Sofia gets a text from her coach asking about nationals. She then has to let him know what is going on and that she can not attend the High School National Track Meet. Sofia wishes she could make her mom proud but she would rather be spending her last couple days with her. She knows she is making the right decision by saying know. When she goes into the hospital room the next day, she says her last goodbyes just as her mom raps her last track meet winning metal around her neck and passes away.