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Create a Contemporary Look with Hip Hop Bling Watches

Bling watches and jewelry have become quite the crown of hip hop and street fashion. They are awesome ways to get your attire and gear all shiny and iced out. While these fashion accessories are iconic of the hip hop culture, not many know what exactly they represent. Just the same, bling and jewels hold different significance to wearers as well as those who behold them. Anytime that you see a person wearing a decked out watch, one thing usually comes to mind: he or she has style. Take popular celebrities for instance. Most times, they'd wear bling to show support and a great degree of liking to the general hip hop and street culture/fashion. Some wear them to signify social standing/status while others wear them simply to be hip and cool, in keeping with the urban style.

Hip hop music is widely associated with bling fashion. In the music industry, most people who wear them represent the unique style and flavor of hip hop. In fact, some of the biggest promoters of bling watches, jewelry, and accessories are hip hop stars and personalities. This fad started in the hip hop scene during the early 80s and since then, those who associate themselves with the movement have worn flashy jewelry, which is very characteristic of bling fashion. Contemporary designs still have the same knockout, show stopping effect, although many designers are starting to tone down the ice to make items more wearable by those who wish to get onboard the hip hop train but would like to do so in a more subtle manner. Not all bling watches are big bold, fierce, and completely decked out. Some come with less flashy colored jewels and fewer diamond counts, perfect for those who want to tone down their bling.

Hip hop bling watches ultimately embody status and value. They are huge image and self-esteem boosters and are great means to express your own unique style and your love for the hip hop movement. A contemporary bling watch is also a great accent piece to wear with your less flashy outfits/ensembles, adding a nice touch to an otherwise drab and boring look. Beautiful bling watches and accessories are not at all hard to find, if you know exactly where to look. Online bling stores are great sources of high quality jewelry and beautiful accessories that won't hurt your pocket. Practice caution when shopping online and choose suppliers that provide excellent customer service and the newest pieces and styles in the market.

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This article is written by Joseph. He is the Marketing lead of Master of Bling. Master of Bling is one of the leading companies to provide Hip Hop jewelries like hip hop chains, hip hop pendants, hip hop earrings and many other hip hop products.

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