Wildcat Weekly

Week of February 12

THE BIG 4: Targets for 2017-2018

  • Instructional Technology
  • Personalized Learning
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Making Connections
February CATapult Calendar

Links are linked :)

Important Dates This Week:

Bucket Session Week

10th Grade IGPs continue

2/13- Bucket Session during all plannings in C109. 4th will be at 12:00

Bucket Registration

2/13- Google Certification in MC 4:00

Google Cert Registration

2/14- Connections Schedule

2/14- Q3 Progress Reports Due by 4:00

2/14- 7:45 Google Calendar Training with Mr. Horn in his room

Google Calendar Registration

2/14- Donaldson will present to 9th graders in the auditorium during Connections

2/15- Fostering Resilency PD with Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Taylor

Fostering Resiliency Registration

2/15- Fire Drill 2nd

2/16- Exchange Day


Connections Plans

9th Grade- Take attendance and hand out honor roll certificates quickly. Escort students to the auditorium for a presentation from Donaldson

10th Grade- Return the PSAT results and show videos. Links below:



PSAT information from Ms. Caldwell (Thank you):

A few bullet points:

The test is made for juniors to take during fall of their junior year in order to prepare for the SAT that they are supposed to take in the spring of junior year. Our county chooses to give the Junior PSAT to the sophomores.

Also, because of this, please let the kids know that they are being compared to JUNIORS nationwide as far as any percentiles on their score sheet.

Lastly, there is a lot of algebra 2 on the PSAT and most sophomores have not had that class yet so.....again, tell them not to worry!

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for them to know is that on the front of their score report, there is a website and a personal access code for them to go in and look at their test scores in MORE detail.

Let them know that the answers are on the back of the form and they are getting back the actual book they used on test day so they can even look back at the questions comparing to their answers.

PLEASE tell them not to over worry about these scores as no one sees them except them...and us.


11th Grade and 12th Grade Options:

LOVE YOUR MONEY (Optional)- A lesson on money (Bringing it In, Giving it Away, and Uniting the Love (Information gathered from Life After School Explained: The Definitive Reference Guide)- There will be a link added once presentation is completed. You may choose to do it over two sessions)

See Padlet or use the button for a Connections Lesson Idea

11th and 12th Money Basics

This is part 1. Part 2 is filing taxes.

Connections Padlet Link

If you would like to prep for Feb. 14 or add your own great ideas, here is the link.


The portal has been updated for the February PD offerings. Make sure you check the CATapult calendar to see what you can earn credits for and sign up in the portal! Don’t forget that Backwards by Design is next Tuesday during all planning periods (except 1st) and Wednesday at 7:45. Sign up in the portal by clicking here!

Q3 Progress Reports are due on February 14th by 4:00. I sent directions in a separate e-mail, but here they are again just in case.

Summer Academy will be July 23-26 at Mauldin High School. They are accepting presenter proposals now: https://goo.gl/VQx8BU . Proposals are due by February 23rd.

I received information from SCVirtual regarding spring online offerings. I have copied the information below:

Spring session registration will begin on February 20, 2018 and end on March 12, 2018 at 4:00 P.M. Spring session courses will start on April 02, 2018 and end on May 21, 2018.


VirtualSC PD Courses Available for Spring 2018:

40 Renewal Credit Courses

1. Today’s Classroom: The Co-Teaching Approach

2. Using Google for the 21st Century Classroom

Need renewal credits right away? Try one of our Self-Paced courses for Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel or Open Education Resources (20-40 renewal credits).

60 Renewal Credits Courses - Read to Succeed

1. R2S: Assessment of Reading

2. R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Administrators and Non-Instructional Staff

3. R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Career and Technology (CATE) Teachers

4. R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Early Childhood and Elementary Teachers

5. R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Fine Arts Teachers

6. R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Media Specialists

7. R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Middle and High School Teachers

8. R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for School Counselors, School Psychologists, and Speech Language Pathologists

9. R2S: Foundations of Reading

10. R2S: Instructional Practices

11. R2S: Instructional Practices – Understanding Dyslexia and to Support Struggling Learners - (new)

Graduate Courses – Early Registration will begin on February 12, 2018

1. 21st Century Teacher: Authentic Assessment

2. Children of Poverty: The Implications for Learning and Teaching

3. Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

4. Differentiated Instruction: Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes

5. Facilitating Learning in an Online Environment

6. Online Awareness: Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

Working on a Masters +30? Our graduate credit courses are for you! Remember if you do not have a Master’s degree, 60 credits need to be graduate credit to renew your teaching certificate.

Interested in starting or continuing work on the Online Teaching Endorsement to add to your certificate?

Online Teaching Endorsement Courses

1. Differentiated Instruction: Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes - (Elective)

2. Facilitating Learning in an Online Environment - (Required)

3. Online Awareness: Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship - (Elective)

If you are new to our program you will need to apply for an account before you can register for a course. Please visit our tutorial page for detailed application and registration directions.

Potential course offering for spring 2018: Interested in ESOL? We may have a new course! ESOL: Introduction to Teaching English Learners. Check our course offerings page here during the spring registration period to see when it is available!

For more information you may visit our course costs page here and for registration and course dates please click here.

Have any questions? Please contact us!



Phone Number

Email Address

Customer ServiceCustomer Service(803) 734-8988VirtualSCPD@ed.sc.gov

Sharee BurnsCustomer Service/Support - Password Recovery and Graduate Course Questions(803) 734-8988sburns@ed.sc.gov

Kathleen WhittleProgram Coordinator - Cohort Assistance(803) 734-3738kwhittle@ed.sc.gov

Bonnie McMurrayInstructional Trainer/ Coordinator 1(803) 941-3984BMcMurra@ed.sc.gov

Catherine MusgroveInstructional Trainer/ Coordinator 1(843) 654-4356cmusgrove@ed.sc.gov

Tammy HeglerTeam Leader(803) 734-8030tthegler@ed.sc.gov

If you need your initial technology proficiency certification, make sure you check out the district’s technology proficiency website! They have new course offerings for ALIVE and Intel II; registration is in the portal. FYI, these classes fill up fast!

Remember that in order to receive credit for participating in your PLC, you must register on the portal every month and your PLC must submit a Data Driven Decisions form. Here is the link for February PLC’s.

If you have been an instructor of a PD session this year, follow this procedure to get your 1.5 hours of credit:

In the new portal, to receive credit for instructing a class, the instructor needs to use the Out of District Option for Instruction ~ Option #5.

This will allow the instructor to apply for 1.5 hours of credit for every hour taught.

The new system does not allow for instructor credit because you cannot make it more than the number of hours in a session so we are using the ODO for every instructor wishing to get credit.

Woodmont High School


Woodmont International Baccalaureate High School is a comprehensive high school which strives to promote a climate of respect, knowledge, and caring while creating active, productive, lifelong learners who understand the multicultural world in which we live.


"Woodmont High is committed to providing educational experiences that prepare its students to be productive citizens of the 21st Century. Our school motto-Scientia est Potentia (Knowledge is Power)-serves as a constant reminder of our mission to prepare students for the challenges of adulthood."