Leon Foucault

By: Jenny Tapia

Who is He??

Leon Foucault was born September 18, 1819. He would be one-hundred ninety four right now. He was a french physicist. While other scientist were struggling on demonstrating how the earth rotated on it's axis, Leon stepped in to help. Leon used a multi-direction pendulum, which would be released over a thin layer of sand. When you look at a pendulum it looks like its changing direction while the surface stay static its actually the opposite. If its placed farther from the equator, the faster it seems to move around in a circle. If its closer that, the less it appears to move at all.

What did he study?

When Leon was a teenager he loved to construct machines and toys. With his skills it was suggested to his mother that he would be an excellent surgeon and having his obtained his high school diploma. Leon entered medical school in Paris 1839. Then switched to physics. Leon was made a member of the Royal Society of London and also the Legion d'Honneur.

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