Volcano Resorts

Broshure Created By: Davis Cornwell

The Hotels

Below, you can find 3 fabulous hotel rooms all for the same price. Two of them are next to shore so you can have a nice cool breeze. Our hotel on the left is right next to the famous cinder cone, Sunset Crater which is inactive right now and a few more years considered gone.Our resort to the middle is next to a composite volcano that may be active, but predicted to blow up in about twenty-thousand years, so you will be safe.To the right you will find this hotel room next to a shield volcano, and this shield volcano isn't oozing out any more lava so you will be perfectly fine to visit the volcano, and have a great time.

Our Restaurants

We have uniquely set up two exclusive restaurants next to each hotel providing the same food for everyone. There are other places around the hotel but we strongly advise not to eat there because of how far away it is and their food quality.

Exploding with Flavor!

Our first restaurant you will only find the best food in the world. We have our famous breakfast Volcano, this is where you would have stacks of pancakes with a hole down the center filled with maple syrup. For lunch, you can find have a wide variety of sandwiches to burgers. For desert you can have some of our famous lava cake that'll have the taste to blow you away!

Blaze'n It Up!

Here in this restaurant you find the finest barbecue with all the meats you can think of with the best possible sauce. We are especially known for our finest ribs that has taken us years to master creating the best possible mouth experience. We serve lunch, dinner, and desert. We are also known for one of our strangest but best tasting deserts. This desert is a s'more with a certain type of barbecue sauce that will make it taste slightly less sweat but adding so many other flavors to explore.
And yes we do have a night club near each of these but you must be, 18+, responsible, and no pets are allowed.