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Should we as a brand use Instagram?

Instagram was one of the many photo-sharing apps on iPhone, but it stood out in the test of time and established as one of the most reliable social media apps currently available. The latest updates have facilitated Android and PC users who want to use the smart photo editing and sharing features of this app. You have many filters available for photo-editing; all are easy to use, and they offer an affordable way to fans who want to engage with their favorite brands and celebrities.

If you are the head of a brand and you do not know whether to implement Instagram as a marketing tool or otherwise, this article will help you decide what the best option for you is.

Statistics Giving A Much Wider View

Just look at user-activity of the Instagram app, and they are going to give one solid motivation to you. Statistically, at least 1,000 comments and 8500 likes are made every second, while over 100 million users post 40 million new pictures and videos every day – and these numbers have been growing ever since they were revealed for the first time. That’s why many businessmen are relying on Instagram for bridging the gaps and for strengthening bonds between their fans and brands.

Showcasing Professionalism Through Picture Sharing

A picture paints a thousand words, and Instagram is a picture-centered social networking app. As a business head, you get an opportunity to personalize your brand’s outlook with Instagram. You can give the insider information to fans about how your workers operate, what they do and how they guard the interest of a consumer. In this subject, different strategies work perfectly under different circumstances.

For example, the large brands with hundreds of employees can show employees at work, while small brands can document the entire activity on Instagram profiles. There are countless options available and all you have to do is to brainstorm to explore their limits.

Nowadays, most of the brands prefer to hire a digital agency like Pepperweb to harness the full power of social media for internet marketing through Instagram. Pepperweb can manage your entire Instagram campaign from planning to full execution of the plan.

Why Facebook Paid $1Billion?

Brands were marketing their existing products and introducing new to their target audience through Instagram – just like as it happens on Facebook. As expected, it caused worries to the social networking giant. The only escape what it found was to buy Instagram in a deal worth $1 Billion. It neutralized the threat posed by Instagram as well as showed the immense popularity what the social networking app has gained.

Next, watching with a doubter’s eye, if Instagram created worries for the social networking giant being a competitor, it can do the same to your market contenders. All what you need to do is to implement Instagram after proper planning.

Bottom Line

Instagram is a wonderful app for picture and video sharing, and its numbers of users have been ever-increasing since the first time when it was launched. For brands, it has opened many new doors to connect with audience and to win hearts of public. That’s why you will miss a big opportunity in brand marketing if you do not use Instagram as a primary business representation tool.

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