Jincy Dunne

By Juan Terrazas

Jincy Dunne life

Jincy Dunne was born at 5/15/1997 She is 16 year old.

Her father is Tom Dunne and her mother is Tammy Dunne.

Her home town is O'Fallon Missouri

Maximum heart rate and Target heart rate

Jincy Dunne maximum heart rate is 204

Her target heart rate is 163

1st time Olympian

This is her first time in the Olympics, but she has been in many championship games and has been practicing for a long time now and she is ready.

3 fact about Ice hockey

Fact one the fastest slap shot was by Bobby Hull

Fact two is a diameter of a hockey puck is 3 inches

Fact Three The standard American ice rink is 200 feet long and 85 feet wide

Lakeview Middle School student in Warsaw, IN USA are supporting you and your dreams in Sochi