Davis Read

For U.S. Congressman


Raised with three older siblings and a very aggressive cat in Portland, Maine, Davis Read has always had advanced cooperating skills. He's widely known for his ability to resolve conflicts and admit his own faults. Davis has extensive experience as leader of his local town council and knows how to make a group of people work together well. If there's any person on this earth who would be great as a U.S. Congressman, it's Davis Constitution McCaffrey Read.

Policy Issues

Economic Policy- As a congressman, Davis will make sure to approve of bills involving free things for all free people, as in every American in this whole darn country. That means free education, free healthcare, free groceries, free ponies.

Defense- If one issue in this country has been controversial, its how much money we should spend on our military. Davis will ensure that nothing gets less money than our military. He plans to do this by introducing and approving of spending bills to replace every active infantrymen with a less expensive animal of some kind, such as a pig or a tortoise. This will cost our country less and even perhaps deter violence due to the aesthetic quality of most animals.

Education- Davis Read believes that every child in our country deserves the best education possible. He plans to introduce bills to take away the power of education from the states and give it directly to the federal government. This will ensure that all children receive the same great education and will all end up the same once they graduate.


As a congressman, Davis will be extremely busy creating and introducing revolutionary bills to his coworkers. Because of this, he will have little time to take part in important committees. This is why he will only be a member of committees he deems as adequate, such as; the Subcommittee on Nutrition, the House Investigative Panel on Planned Parenthood, the Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs, or the Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures.


As a proud progressive, Davis considers himself extremely intelligent and innovative. This is a trait he wishes to show through his office of congressman. One way he wishes to do this is through communication with his constituents. He plans to bring back the message in a bottle as a popular means of communication. He believes this will make every citizen feel special as they individually find glass bottles on seashores, popping out the paper to see a 1 in a million message like, "Davis Read will bring every citizen a free boogie board!" Even if these messages are false, they will surely raise hope in this sometimes bleak world.