Genre Project

Simran Khoja


Thrillers are often lumped together with mysteries The main character has a goal, which is sometimes impossible in real life. the main character has to go through lots of sacrifice and fight through lots of obstacles to reach the goal successfully


There are different types of humor. There is dark humor which involves anxiety, suffering, and death. Then there is romantic humor which has love effects along with comedy.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction books are stories that could be mistaken for real, because they are so realistic. However, they aren't. Realistic fiction books tend to take place in the recent past or near future, or, don’t say a date at all. The characters take on problems that seem real or are.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a fiction story based on the past. Sub genres include-

The American West/Western

The Ancient Rome

Early Humans and Animal Life

and etc.

Historical fiction is a genre most often determined by setting and the inclusion of authentic historical events and characters in a fictional story.


A Biography is the true story of a notable person’s life written by another person.Biographies describe other people’s life time,shows how the person affects other people,and provides examples that demonstrate the person’s behavior.


A adventure/action is mostly defined by a protagonist that is taking on some heroic quest where they have to find if their worthiness or not.Most of the time if the protagonist is going to fail his quest or dire consequences could befall the protagonist or is the people being protected by the hero.


A memoir is a book written about yourself and how you remember your life. Memoirs are not just plain eveything, but like when you get your first car or when you get married and other big events that happen in your life.It is not something that would take you ages to figure out, but very simple, just close your eyes and think of big and important events that have happened in your lifetime.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre where the stories include science, technology, and/or the future, magic, and fast paced stories. The plot creates scenes that are factly and interesting. Most science fiction is set in the future, most authors are not predicting. instead, they use the future as an open opportunity for the subject matter.


Mystery is a fiction genre where a detective, either a professional, or just an ordinary little girl, and a police solve crimes, or a series of crimes.

Finding suspects, and figuring out why they are a suspect is usually a big part of mystery books.


One type of romance is that there are mostly in modern fairy tales.Romance is a love relationship, drawing out your feelings about that person,and falling in love with him/her.Also defining love for one another might become a culminates in marriage of a family,and what happen in romance affects the future as will as the present too.


Fantasy is a type of genre which has unrealistic things.It usually has unrealistic animals such as unicorns, dragons, etc. This genre also has unrealistic settings like: a dragon's cave, rainbows, etc. Fantasy also usually contains magic, and possibly in the medieval times.


An autobiography is a book about a person's life. It is written by the same person the book is about. so here is an example: Title: Rosa Parks Author: Rosa Parks. Usually, autobiographies start of by telling you about the person's childhood. Then it eventually goes to when the person died.