Globalization and Geography

Unit 1 Summative Assessment - Madison Allan

My Claim:

Globalization affects the lives of people.

Analyzing this further, globalization creates jobs for many people. These people work hard and long hours to only get paid 20 cents an hour. They are trying to survive in this world and it is affecting their lives a lot. Geography also comes into play. These people need a dense population so they can work and where they live depends on how much money they have.

How does Globalization and Geography affect where, how and why people live where they do?

This impacts people due to what their preferences are. If they like people, they may live in the city or if they life quiet, they could live in the suburbs, and things along the line of that.


There are many different definitions to this one word. A definition to summarize it all is Globalization is a process driven by international trade that helps countries technologically, economically, environmentally and culturally.

Problems created by my product

Environmental: Cutting down tress for cardboard boxes can be huge problem. Plants give us oxygen to breathe and cutting them down would not be logical. Also, pollution cause by factories can lead to global warming.

Technological: Machines can be big technological problem in factories. In class, we heard a story about a machine falling through the roof and taking many peoples life. Or another problem could be a machine failing and messing up the system.

Cultural: Cultural diversity can be a problem. As you can tell, a lot of Americans (kids) don't do slave labor as much as other countries do. Almost four million people in other countries work many hours and don't get paid a lot.

Economical: Money is one of the biggest and most important things in the world. Money can be problems in businesses. It can make them flourish or bankrupt. People who work hard hours for making our stuff should get paid more than what they do right now.

Solution to Technological Problem?

One thing we can do to prevent technology from failing is check them once in a while, for example just check them every morning before you work. It's as simple as that. If you wanted to build a new floor, have construction workers check to see if it is safe so nothing bad happens, like as stated above, a machine falling through the ceiling.

Pros and Cons to Globalization

Pros: Free trade, creates jobs, economic growth, lowers prices to consumers, easier communication between countries, and sharing technology.

Cons: Loss of jobs, increases diseases and terrorism acts, less open borders, more child labor, social welfare is under pressure. corporations are ruling the world and can exploit money and goods

Globalization in my life in 6 words

Globalization/Geography influence my everyday life.

This is my relationship with globalization. See down below to see how it relates to me

How does Globalization relate to ME?

Globalization affects everyone and especially me. Everything I wear, everything I have, is a result of globalization. Things like phones, clothes, etc. Every object is made by a pair of hands and gets transported around the world. This is how I get all the luxuries I have.

In 15 years, globalization can change immensely. Similar to the "Sight" video we watched, globalization can actually produce things like that. Technology can become a HUGE thing in schools and change the way people learn and teach.