Biology CP Scientific Literacy

A Hands On Approach

What does it mean to be scientifically literate??

Scientifically literate students have and continue to develop the critical thinking skills necessary for academic success. Scientifically literate citizens understand the importance of science in their daily lives, can evaluate public policy decisions, and make informed decisions about science reports in the media.

We will use laboratory experiments throughout the year to gain scientific literacy

Lab Resources

The Scientific Method

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Biology Is More Than Just a Graduation Requirement!

We live in an age of constant scientific discovery — a world shaped by revolutionary new technologies. The chances are pretty good that in the next few days you’ll see a headline about global warming, cloning, fossils in meteorites, or genetically engineered food. Other stories featuring exotic materials, medical advances, DNA evidence, and new drugs all deal with issues that directly affect your life. As a consumer, as a business professional, and as a citizen, you will have to form opinions about these and other science-based issues if you are to participate fully in modern society.