Chemical Biology

by: Lesley Lucena

What Is Chemical Biology?

Chemical biology is a scientific discipline spanning the fields of chemistry, biology, and physics.

what do chemical biologist do?

* Biologist learn how living things work, how they interact with each other, and how they evolve.

* Work increases our understanding about the natural world.

* Address personal well being and worldwide concern like threats to human health.

* Study cells under a microscope.

Fields Available To Chemists:

* Chemical and Development

* Materials (polymers, metals, and other solid devices)

* Medicine

* Biotechnology

* Medicinal Chemistry

* Forensic Science

* Environment

* Museum Conservation


At Yale, graduate studies in chemical biology combine the Chemistry Department, Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics & Development Department, Molecular Medicine, Pharmacology & Physiology Department and make it into a program. To get into this program, you go through Biology retreats, monthly in-house seminar program, and an annual chemical biology symposium.

Top 5 Schools For Chemical Biologists

* Harvard University

*Standford University

* Massachusetts Institute of Technology

* University of Texas- Austin

* Princeton University

Degree Requirements

M.S. Plan 1- 30 semester hours. 21 hours of core and elective course work. 9 hours of research credits.

Ph.D - 24 semester hours beyond M.S. plan 1 requirement (54 hours). 34 hours of research credit

Years Of Studying

there's four different years of studying that you can take.

1- General Chemistry and Mathematics

2- Organic Chemistry, Analytical, and Organic

3- Physical Chemistry Lectures And Laboratories

4- Inorganic Chemistry


Average salary for a Chemical Biologist is $61,000 for a Physical Scientist it would be $68,000. for a Chem. Bio Strategic Planner it would be $92,000. for a Medical Technician, it would be $32,000.
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