An Interview with Mrs. Hydes

by Anna Groden

Coach Hydes the Super Hero!

Coach Hydes went to college at DBU and her degrees are Broadcast Journalism and Secondary Education. Coach Hydes teaches 6 classes a day, each regular Biology. She has taught for an estimated of 10 years.
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Coach Hydes at a girl signing to college for volleyball!

More Information about Coach Hydes

Coach Hydes has teaches 9th grade and Biology and English. Her classroom environment is calm and welcoming and loving! She dosen't get angry when kids are acting crazy and asks the kids nicely to behave. Coach Hydes works 65+ hours per weel.Her biggest chalenges are to get kids work and to care. Her biggest reward is seeing students improve and eventually graduate. She said on a scale of 1-10 she needs 9 for motivation. Coach Hydes is loving and sweet!