DC Staff Update

31 May 2015

I'm grateful this week for...

The Year 6 PYP Exhibition on Thursday night was one of those shining examples of what we do. It showcased 6 years of learning, not just the academic but also many other elements. I saw confident, articulate, passionate students who presented with such authority on topics they were genuinely connected to. They expressed their learning through music, drama, art, speeches, presentations, videos, displays and informal conversations.

Congratulations to everyone in primary. While the spotlight obviously falls on the Year 6 team, the specialists and primary leadership, this night celebrated the work that every teacher and EA who has worked with these students as they moved through the PYP. Thank you to everyone involved, and for all the staff, both primary and secondary, who were there on the evening to support.

end of year expenditure

All of the curriculum budgets closed on the 30 April. Please understand that there is no further expenditure unless you have obtained approval from me. I am holding a very small contingency budget for this, based on a few requests I received for items needed up to the end of the term. There is no reimbursement for staff who chose to buy anything without prior approval.

ESF has approved our budget for 2015-16 and so I should be able to confirm next year's curriculum budgets within the next week. Please note that the 2015-16 financial year does not start until 1 September and so expenditure from this budget will not be available until after the summer holidays. Please do not order any items against this budget until after you have spoken with me.

Higher education review

ESF is conducting a Higher Education review of all ESF/ESL secondary schools. The review team will be visiting DC on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The purpose of the review is to support the further enhancement of opportunities for ESF students for higher education and career progression and to share best practice between HE counselling departments and senior secondary educators across ESF. The specific objectives are to recognize the effective practices in ESF schools and to understand the progression in careers and higher education counselling from Year 9-13 - for students of all aptitudes and abilities in all pathways in the school.

The review team will also be looking at the school's partnerships within school and how they work for the benefit of students in progression to higher education. In addition to spending time with the HEO, the review team will also be conducting focus group interviews with senior staff, teachers, parents and students.

Next Wednesday is also the annual pre-departure briefing for our current Year 13s. A number of last year's graduates will be back to share their experiences of student life at university. This is always an important and fun event and the ESF review team will be sitting in on this.

staff presence on site

I've had a couple of inquiries regarding staff hours and being on site. Teachers are required to be present on site by 8am and at the end (3.30pm) of the school day. If you chose to leave during a non-contact block or over recess/lunch that is fine, however, you must sign out and in through the guard station so that in the event of an emergency, we know where you are. If you have a free block in the afternoon, you must still be present back at school at the end of the school day. These rules of course do not apply if you are at a school-based meeting, PD or if you have sought other approval. Please contact Andy, Chris or me if this is not clear.

End of year party

This promises to be a great evening for all of us to celebrate the end of the year. The teachers and support staff who are organising this have done a great job ...I am certainly appreciative of the efforts they have gone to in order to put this event on for all of us. Please make sure you get your ticket/s next week so that final numbers can be confirmed.
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This week

Year 12 exams finish this week (Tuesday). On Wednesday is one of our more significant occasions with the Year 13 Graduation Ceremony in the DC Theatre.
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