Candidate Introduction:

By: Tori Albert, Barbie Baquero, & Jordan Zanella


Introduction...Creativity is defined as “the ability of a person’s mind to take ideas, facts, and/or materials and perceive them in a unique way or manner”

Creativity and Innovation focus on discovery and invention .

It is number one on the list of 21st century skills.

Without creativity there would be no innovation.

Being creative requires divergent and convergent thinking.

  • Convergent Thinking: the process of combining and sorting out the best ideas
  • Divergent Thinking: the process of creating ideas
Creativity allows us to let loose. It allows messiness which leads to exploration.

“ It is believed that individuals without the ability to create will be replaced with computers.”
80% of children are creative geniuses.

“Creative people invent, imagine, problem-solve, create, and communicate in fresh, new ways. Every business requires creative thinkers in the form of scientists, engineers, medical researchers, technology innovators, business entrepreneurs, artists, performers, writers and illustrators, designers, inventors, educators and parents. Those with the ability to "think outside of the box" will lead the future and make special things happen.”



Creativity is not just a 21st century skill, it is “a way of living life that embraces originality and makes unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas.”

Creativity is the most crucial factor for future success. Its by-products are some of the major achievements of civilization.

Impact on Today:

Creative thinking is at the center of the learning process and at the root of every breakthrough. Creativity is the building blocks to everything.

Future Outcomes

For Education

· Teachers can find an original and useful way to present things and make it fun.

· Creative Leadership is fundamental

For Students

· “At the heart of this essential skillset for the future lies...creativity"

· Organizational profitability rests on individual creativity

· Creative teams perform better and are more efficient

· Creative Leadership is fundamental

  1. It is innovation and creativity that enable the development of new ways of working that ensure profitability.
  2. Creativity is part of all our day jobs
  3. Creativity is an integral part of modern work.
  4. Creative ways of getting everything done and solving problems

For Data

“You have to be creative in your instruction to meet the students needs. You have to be creative and give support to lower level learners, higher level learners, and ESL learners. You can also take information in numbers from authentic assessments, which falls toward creativity. Not everyone needs to do a multiple guess bubble test. You should go beyond the bubble test and teach creatively authentic assessments which can give you data on what the students know.” Mr. Bower
Creativity Mr.Bower

The Boston Consulting Group has been running an annual strategy survey for the last 8 years. For 7 out of 8 years creativity and innovation have been the top ranked strategic imperative

· Successful economies and societies will need to be creative