Transcendent Innovations Inc.

Earn $250-$580


Shavonne Nicole's Introduction

Transcendent Innovations Inc.

Earn $250-$580 with Transcendent Innovations Inc. (Trainn)

Trainn is a referral based opportunity that offers it's members cash rewards for trying trail offers and referring others to do the same.

The prices for the trial offers range in price ($0-$58). You are not obligated to keep the product or service after the trail has expired. It is recommended that you keep the product or service for the duration of the trial and cancel at least one to two days before the trial expires.

After you have completed a trial offer on oneof the Trainn sites and receive credit you will then need to refer others to complete a trial offer in order to met the requirements to receive your cash reward.

Each Trainn site pays a different amount and also requires a certain amount of referrals to get paid.

Example: pays $580 and requires 12 referrals to meet the requirements to get paid.

Each Trainn site is also offers an electronic prize and the site is named after that prize.

So for the site you have the option to receive cash or an Iphone as your reward.

Once you have completed your Trainn site you will then submit your site for approval,Once approved by the company you will then submit your order to receive payment.

The company pays on Wednesday and Saturday and it takes 1-3 days to review your site.Payments are sent via Paypal.

Please be sure to visit to sign for an account before you begin.

You can only complete a Trainn site once. After completing one you then move on to the next site by completing another trial offer and having others do the same.

This process can be continued until you have completed all the Trainn sites. (20+ sites)

To Start Earning with Trainn Follow the steps below and watch the instructional video.

1. Sign up for a Paypal Account.

2. Register at (Select Referral Account)

3. Watch the instructional video showing you how to complete the Survey Scout offer/Hulu Plus. This offer is a Free 7 day trail and offers Paypal as a payment option.

Please make sure that you have setup your Paypal account before attempting to complete the offer.

(If you encounter any issues please contact me asap)

4. After completing the trail offer contact me. I can give you tips on how to get referrals and get your site completed. I will also add you to our Facebook support groups where you can trade links with others who are completing Trainn sites as well.

Instructional Video (Trainn)


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