by: claire siegert

Andrew Jackson Helpful or Hurtful

About Andrew Jackson

Born-March 15 1767

Died-June 8 1845

presedetial term- march 4 1829- March 4 1837

Spouse- Rachel Jackson

Vice Presedent - martin Van Buren and John C Calhoun

Nicknames- King Mob, The Hero Of New Orlens, Old Hickory

7th president

Arm General

How i think he helped

Even though many indians died andndidentnwant to movie jackson forced them to. That wasent right but when they got there they liked the land jackson gave them way better then the land he set aside for them. Even though many disagred with Jackson at the time it was probly the right thing to do.

Why I Disagree

I disagre with Andrews plan becouse he forsed indians out of there land that was promised to them by the goverment. He kicked them out of there homes and forsed them on the trail. they had very little suplys and wernt wearing shoes. Many indians died on the trail Andrew might have thought he was helping but it killed many people. Most of the indians wernt sure about leaving but they had no choise