5th Grade

September 28th - October 2nd

Mrs. Rowe & Mrs. Dunn


Friday is the end of the 1st six weeks. Please be sure students have all work and assignments turned in.

Look what we found in our hallway last week!


We will be working on Poetry this week. We will be looking specifically at how an author's sensory & figurative language enhances the writing in a poem. We will analyze their meanings and what theme the author is trying to convey.

*We will have our Unit 1 test on Thursday! We will be reviewing for this throughout the week with comprehension practice. A great way to review at home is with the reading logs. Read - then ask some of the questions from the "Questions to ask" page in your reading notebook.

*Vocabulary Test on Friday. Vocabulary wordier in the vocabulary notebook.


We will take a quiz on Monday over prime and composite numbers, factors, and equations. On Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to work on problem solving and picking the correct operations and the order they need to be preformed in. On Thursday we will start Order of Operations. We are working on topic 7.1 ,10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 in the Envision workbooks. This is great practice for the students!


We will continue with force and motion this week. Students will do a few experiments testing how different surfaces affect speed and distance of an object. They will also design a paper airplane and compete with each other to see which group's can go the furtherest. Students will record their data from both experiments, graph the results, and do a writing response for each.

Social Studies

We will continue with the 13 colonies and the settling of them.