Welcome to Curling! Curling is an ice sport played in the winter olympics. Today we will be learning the history of curling.


A sport played on ice, in Scotland and in Canada,in large,round flat stone traveling over the ice.

Equipment needed

  • ice shoes
  • rink
  • brooms
  • stones

Fun Information

Curling’s nickname is the “Roarin’ Game” because of the stone that travels over the ice.Curling is one of the oldest team sports.Curling was played on ponds and lochs.Pastime was still enjoyed in some countries with weather permits.All National and International are now played indoor rinks due to the weather.16th century flemish artist, Pieter Bruegel portrayed curling of being played on frozen ponds.The first written evidence appeared in Latin in 1540.John McQuhin had a notary in Paisley,Scotland recorded in his protocol book.The report indecated Scalter threw a stone three times.The first rules were made up in Scotland, and was adopted as the “Rules in Curling” by the Grand Caledonian Curling Club.

Fun Fact

Curling is a safe and heathy way to stay active.


Erika Brown

Erika Brown

Erika Brown was only 15 when she made the 1988 U.S. Olympic team. Now, in her late 30’s she is now a leading team of seasoned Olympic veterans and is on it target for the upcoming U.S Olympic Team Trials.Browns brother, Craig has won 2 national titles.Her father,Steve is a legendary curler with multiple national titles.Steve now leads the U.S. Paralympic wheelchair curling program.He is also the proud owner of the best curling supplies in the country.

Pete Fenson

Fenson earned the first and only Olympic medal in curling for America,winning bronze in 2006 Olympics. He skipped the top of his game winning national titles in 2010 and in 2011, finishing in second in 2012.As he being in his early 40's and being owner of a pizza parlor has been Team USA's most consistent athlete for the past decade to earn his second Olympic birth.