Daily Moon Mail: September 2nd

Habitat Information: Earth- Vilnius, Lithuania

Information about the AISV, Vilnius, Lithuania Habitat

AISV is located on Subaciaus gatve, in the old town, on a hill above the city of Vilnius. The area is very green, with many trees and plants around the building and city. There are many people around as well, since it is a school. There are also birds around, as well as bugs, and grass growing.

All these are examples of Biotic factors, but there are also many Abiotic factors, including machinery, fences, pavement, bricks, benches, and rubbish bins. The examples here all have one thing in common: they are not alive, nor are they dead. This makes them Abiotic factors.

As you can see, there is a good balance of Biotic and Abiotic factors around AISV, which makes it a warm, welcoming, convenient, and comfortable place to live. As the students would say: "AISV is the place to be!"

Biotic Factors

  • Humans around the school.
  • Trees, flowers, and plants around the school.
  • Grass all around the school.
  • Insects around the school, including bees, wasps, flies, and mosquitos.
  • Birds around the school and in the local area.

Abiotic Factors

  • Machinery around the school due to construction.
  • The school buildings.
  • The benches dotted around the grounds.
  • The pathways located around the school, so we can get around.
  • Rubbish bins, so we can dispose of garbage.
  • Fences and dividers, separating our area into different parts.