Opportunities in sport

Local sporting facilities

The Arnold leisure center has a variety of activities available. The leisure center also provides for the needs of the less able, as well as this it provides activities and separates groups depending on age, gender, races, abilities and disabilities.

Some examples of the facilities they offer are: the swimming pool, fitness center and allows racket sports to be played in the facilities. The are also some recreational grounds nearby, for example Saint Mary's and Killisick recreational park are both within walking distance of the leisure centre. You could take a further trip down to south glade leisure center to play football or swimming orientated activities.

Sports leadership courses

The Nottinghamshire Leadership Academy Network is a collective of Leadership & Volunteering development hubs specialising in the development of Sports Leadership for the most promising & talented young volunteers from across the county. These hubs are called Leadership Academies, there will be a Academy in every district of Nottinghamshire by the end of the 2012-13 academic year.

  • Football coaching
  • Safeguarding children courses
  • First aid courses
  • Netball courses

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Further Involvement

After completing the level 1 sports leadership course you can carry on doing sports leadership into level 2 and 3. These qualifications also give you an opportunity to participate and coach at a higher level. They will also give you a higher chance of getting a volunteering post at a local leisure or community centre this may potentially lead to a job in coaching or supervising activities involving younger children that would become a source of income for you.