Brenna Reusser

english 2

My Hobbies and Activities

When i'm not in school I like to read and watch amime 24-7 and I also like to right about my anime shows and just make it happen differently then how it really happend.

I like to play football with my freinds and my brother.

I'm involved in marching band.

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schools I have attended

  • Woodriver Elementary Calallen
  • Union Valley
  • Prosperity Elementary
  • Prairie hills middle school
  • Buhler high school

Collages I want to attend

the collage I want to attend is K-State

People that are important

  • My Mom
  • My Brother
  • My grandma
  • My grandpa
  • All my cousins
  • My godparents
  • My hole family

My favorite famous person

My favorite famous person is Kevin Fowler
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health concerns that I have

I have no health concerns

how you can contact my mom

you can contact my by calling her work or her mobile phone her mobile phone number is 316-876-8558 and her work number is 620-662-3356