3rd 6 Weeks Homework Assignment

By: Kaleigh Norrid


Grabbers are the first paragraph in the story that really grabs your attention to make you want to read more. * Captures the readers attention *

4 Types of Grabbers

  1. Surprise the reader
  2. Ask a question
  3. Use a quotation
  4. Use descriptive words *Sensory,Simile*

Brain storming is really important

POV ~ Point of Veiw

Point of view is important because point of view is who is speaking or telling the story. 1st person will say i, me , my, we...etc.. 3rd person will say he , she, it, him...etc...

Revising and Editing

Revising is to alter something already written in order to make corrections. Editing is to revise or correct


Jennifer and me walked down the street. * it should be Jennifer and I walked down the street because you would be speaking in 1st person and you have too see what makes more sense by editing your work


Sensory is relating to the 5 senses hear, smell, touch, see, taste.

Ex: My hands were sweaty waiting for the man to finally blow the whistle and let us run.