Shine Like a Star!

Mrs. Grimmett's Class News


The district school board recently approved a new calendar. Please note that our early dismissal days are now FULL days. Also, we will be getting out of school in May instead of June. Visit to see the explanation and find a link to the new calendar.

Important Dates


29 - Fundraiser Ends


1 - College Spirit Day! Wear your college t-shirts!

8 - PTO Meeting


15 - Open House


23-30 - Red Ribbon/Bully Prevention Week

24 - Watch D.O.G.S. launch party (note coming home soon)

25 - Hats On Day (note coming home soon - donate to participate)

30 - Great Day of Reading


2 - College Spirit Day! Wear your college t-shirts!

4 - Picture Retakes

10 - PTO Meeting

I will try to make dates available for 2 months. If there are any changes, I will update them as well.


Specials will be slightly different this year. Our kids will be going to PE 3 times a week and spending the other two days at either art, music, or the library. The class will not all be in the same location this year. Each student is assigned a letter and number and will go to their specials location based on that letter/number combination. Please make certain that your child has shoes with them that they can wear for PE every day (put them in their backpack if you need to). Some children may be going to PE two days in a row. This is the PE rotation. Your kid should know what letter they are at this point.


This past week we learned how to use prewriting to record ideas that we can then put in order and help us to create better stories.

This week we will be looking at capitalizing the first word of a sentence and putting punctuation at the end of sentences. We will also discuss that a complete sentence has a who (subject) and a what (verb).


Last week we discussed problem and solution within a story.

This week we will be looking at author's purpose. We will discuss writing to describe, entertain, explain, persuade, and inform.

As we practice each of our routines, I will also be pulling students for beginning of year testing. Once I have finished testing all of our students, we will be able to set up our small groups!


Last week we looked at clouds and wind. This week we will be looking at the seasons and their characteristics.

This a long unit that will continue for a few weeks.


Last week webegan our unit on addition and subtraction. We are not just memorizing facts, but learning the actual concept and how to determine when to add or subtract. This unit will last several weeks.

Social Studies

Last week we discussed our national symbols.

This week we will be looking at the characteristics of good citizens. We will look at Benjamin Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt to show an example of good citizens from the past.

We are working on a class constitution with Mrs. Cheney (Advanced Academic Specialist) during her push in time. Thanks to awesome parents, we will be getting large paper that looks similar to the paper the Constitution is written on so that we can put our class constitution on it! I will post a picture with the final result when it is finished.

Notes and Reminders

Please check and sign your child's communication folder each and every day.

School starts at 8:00, tardy slips are now being given at 8:01.

School ends at 3:25

All car riders need to remember their car rider color and number for dismissal. If you still need a car rider tag, please stop by the office to be issued one.

First Grade is able to have visitors for lunch on Wednesdays!

Please practice lunch numbers and car rider numbers with your child.

Don't get tripped up at school! Practice tying those shoe laces! Safety first! :)