I am Project

Kailey Rivera

10 Important Points

  • Having more money and owning more materialistic things doesn't mean you will be happier.
  • We are all connected and we function together as a whole and we need to realize how we affect others
  • A simple act of kindness for someone can change their whole day and yours too.
  • Our heart can be directly affected by our emotions and beats in a different pattern due to different emotions.
  • Being emotionally happy is actually the healthiest thing we can do for our bodies
  • We all naturally strive for a democracy type of lifestyle and we value togetherness and the ability to accomplish a task with other people.
  • In our world all of our institutions and everything we do is based on separation which is not good.
  • When we constantly compete to be better than other people it is wrong
  • The scientific story is always changing
  • To blend in with everyone else in the world is not what you should strive for

Most Important Point

I think the most important thing to get out of this movie was that our emotions can directly effect other people. I never knew that we gave off some sort of waves when we are feeling a certain emotion and others pick up on those waves and it influences their emotions biologically. It is important to realize this because you can make a positive change in others by just changing your own emotions.

Most Important Change

People need to change their ways and recognize that the more money and things that you have don't bring you happiness. We should thrive in just having the right amount of stuff you need and not indulge in excess amounts of consumer goods because their are people in poverty that don't even have the basic necessities.