The Continental League


New Proposed Baseball League

The Continental League was the third proposed major league for baseball in the U.S and Canada. Unlike its competitors it sought membership within baseball's already existing organization the MLB or Major League Baseball. A year after creation the Continental League disbanded without even playing a game, but this led to the expansion of the MLB.

Reasons For Baseball Expansion

  • The postwar US was affluent, with plenty of money to spend on leisure activities
  • The successful move of the Braves to Milwaukee showed baseball owners that there was money to be made in new markets.
  • The advent of air travel made it practical to have franchises in the West.
  • Congress was pressuring Baseball to expand, threatening to take away the treasured antitrust exemption if something was not done.

The Continental League in January 1960

City /Leader/ Admission to Majors

New York/ William Shea /1962 (Mets)

Houston /1962 (Colt 45s)

Toronto/ Jack Kent Cooke/ 1977 (Blue Jays)

Denver/ Robert Howsam/ 1993 (Rockies)

Minneapolis -St. Paul/ 1961 (Twins)

Dallas-Fort Worth /1971 (Rangers)

Atlanta /1966 (Braves)