The Holocaust

Tobenna Igbokwe Academic 3

Did you know that millions of Jews were killed during the holocaust? Thousands of concentration camps were sent there to be murdered or kept as prisoners. The Jews were put and treated in harsh and cruel ways. Camps were set across France, Russia, and Germany. The holocaust was one of the most terrifying events in History.

During the Holocaust Jews were place in harsh positions that led to many deaths. Jews were cramped into small spaces in trains, they had little food, dirty beds, some had no bathrooms, and some were killed in gas chambers. Many camps were set around Europe to keep the hundreds of Jews. The Nazi took Jews from different countries and send them half across Europe, some Jews weren't able to go back home because it was to far away or they didn't know where their home is. In The Holocaust many Jews lost everything.

The Holocaust needs to be learn to all the people around the world so it wouldn't be repeated in other generations.The harsh treatment and the killing of thousands was the worst thing that happen to human beings. Being transported across Europe far away from your home made many Jews grieve. The Holocaust is important to know so share information to friends and family so they cam be interested to know more